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Tasting Box

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Would you like to taste a real Spirello™ with no obligation? That seems like a darn good idea if we do say so ourselves. Order your sample box containing:

  • Spirellos™ NORMAL (limited number)
  • Spirellos™ XXL (limited number)
  • 5 cups of all the Spirello™ seasoning
  • Preparation Instructions

You only pay the shipping cost, the box is free.

The sample box is smaller than the standard Spirello™ boxes. Will standard boxes soon fit in your freezer? If yes, beautiful! If no, would you still like to order?

Spirello™ tasting box: 31 x 22 x 10 cm
Box of Spirello™ NORMAL: 60 x 27 x 14 cm.
Box of Spirello™ XXL: 40 x 31 x 18 cm.

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