pre-Sliced ​​& pre-Fried

Bake-off time 30-40 seconds!!

…the World’s most Famous Potato Snack

100% potato

… without any additions, just 1 perfect potato


pieces sold (last year)

A Spirello™ is truly a treat for your guest. It not only looks great, but is also easy to prepare and tastes fantastic. All over Europe people are enjoying Spirello’s™. It is a must have for the leisure industry.

Spirello™ is delivered to you frozen and already pre-Sliced and pre-Fried.

Therefore your bake-off time is only 30-40 seconds, on a max temperature of 175 celcius.

Sprinkle the Spirello™ with one of the five tastes chosen by your guests.

What is your favourite taste?

Not just ordinary Salt but Salt with an extra touch. The favorite taste of children!
The original Paprika taste. Both kids and young people are fond of this!
Lightly smoked BBQ herbs. A taste for the gourmet!
Extraordinary authentic Dutch Satay herbs. A topper for the adults!
Not too Spicy, a little sweet and a bit Spicy!

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